Yes!  It’s Not a bad Dream, to wake up and just say “it’s just a bad dream on sleep”. The Day where no Cricket fan would like to see their Idol player who voluntarily announces his retirement. Yes it’s about my King, my hero, my captain Ms.Dhoni. For me MSD is a magic which will never happen in my life again. Yes my Captain retired…from International Cricket. We all know Sachin is one of the greatest players of all time which cannot be compared with any other world class batsman. But, for me MS he is the one who makes us feel like the boy next door.

On the year 2004, he entered into Indian team with a weird hairstyle. At my age of 9 it was a wonder, how a boy can get long hair and noticed his unorthodox shots with bat. MS Inspired me in my Single Digit age which made me to switch from cartoon channel to cricket channel with the way of entertaining batting performance. Before that I never knew what the role of a Wk-Batsman was? After that, I realized he is the principle for these roles. Years Passed, for both of us I went to a double digit age (13). MSD was promoted as the Captain of India.

The Day he started to hunt the trophies for the first time WC2007T20. Likewise my life and Dhoni’s career developed on a parallel track such as 2011WorldCup, 2013 trophy and so on. From my School days till now your journey in my life is so emotionally connected. You thought me so much, in my life to make right decision at the right time irrespective of game made me believe the process irrespective of result. But you never thought me how to watch cricket without you, yes I know the decision made by you will always be right.

If i get a chance to ask you one question, I would like you to do a DRS (decision) “will you reverse your retirement”. Thanks for your great lessons MS. I respect you ❤️

Wishing to see you soon in yellow jersey💛. At least give us a chance to see your Farewell match in IPL WITH LOVE MSDIAN❤️SINCE.2004

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