Why Messi called as GOAT ?

Every debate on the best football player, people raise their voices for “Messi, The Greatest Of All Time”. He has been the most consistent player over all these years.

At a very young age, he started his career at FC Barcelona. He was promoted from the youth academy to the main squad. As he is naturally endowed with talent, many designate him as the “ God of Football“ and “ Superman of Football “.

He also represents Argentina for National Football game. Not winning an International Trophy, struck such dismay into the hearts of people. During FIFA World Cup 2014, he drove Argentina into finals. Unfortunately, lost due to a delayed goal from the opponent (Germany) at the extra time. To a surprise, Messi won “The Golden Ball” award for his extraordinary and power pact performance. As both of them were given penalties, Argentina missed Copa America twice. Alas! He didn’t win the International Trophy.

It’s contrary in the Club Football competition. He won the Treble twice (2009 and 2015) with FC Barcelona.2009 must have been a remarkable year for Messi and FC Barcelona, as they won 6 trophies in a year, a milestone in Football. At 2004, he first appeared for Barcelona. He showed his improvisation in each season like wine.

Today, Messi, record maker, for winning The Ballon d’or and The European Golden Boot ,6 times each. Famed for his dribbling skill and playmaking vision. Scored several solo goals with his dribbling skill and assisted fantabulously with his playmaking vision.

Free kick, the recent skill, he mastered. Whenever the goalkeepers face his free kick, it is a nightmare for them as it is unceasable. In spite of Barcelona’s struggle, he is still a consistent player. At present, without giving a second thought and hesitation, every football fan proudly tells, “Messi is the best player”

He has built a strong legacy which will be spoken by the upcoming generations..

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1 Comment

  1. Dhivyan

    September 19, 2020 at 10:59 am

    Not the only best he is best.But the boss of g.o.a.t academy is cr7

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