Mystery Behind : The Bhavani River

The Bhavani river,originates from Nilgiri hills of the the Western Ghats and flows nearby the Vana Bhatrakali Amman Temple,located at Mettupalayam,Coimbatore district.

A report states that since 2 years,300 people had died while bathing in the river.There are 2 reasons behind this.

The first one, consumption of alcohol. Actually,police restricted a particular place for bathing.In spite of it,some morons consume alcohol and bath at a deeper location.Alcohol slows down the reaction, making it more difficult to get out of trouble and numbs the sense ,make swimming more difficult leading to death.Regarding this,the head of the temple had arranged a meeting .The public are stating that they wanted more police force over that region.

The second one,earning money by murder.A suspicious team is behind this.When people are bathing,they pull their legs,kill them and hide their bodies between rocks. When the relatives hire someone to go in search of them into the water,one among the suspicious team bargain over the price.At that circumstance,the relatives offer a huge amount.The corpses are handed over to them within half an hour after the payment has been done.

Everyone should be aware of this and be careful before stepping into the Bhavani river.

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