Tesla Model 3 Sedan breaks Guinness record as the worlds fastest charging EV

The latest Tesla 3 took about less than two hours than the previous world record under the category of the fastest charging electric vehicle. Zero Carbon World Charity, conducted a sponsored event and during that event Tesla Model 3 was recorded as the electric vehicle with the fastest charging time in the wolrd.

The previous record was 3 hours 44 minutes and 33 seconds in 2015. Alexander Sims who was the E racing driver from Mahindra Racing team, along with zero Carbon Dean and EV specialist David Peilow took the Tesla 3 model test drive in UK to demonstrate improvements in EV charging. The team managed to spend a little over half an hour charging the vehicle while driving across the country.

People always look out for Range and Charging time of the vehicles. These types of record increases excitement and reduces the fear in people and pushes them towards the EV Vehicles. Hopefully people will start adopting EV.

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