170 Nation joins hand in COVID-19 vaccine plan

Singapore: WHO has stated that as safety comes first 170 nations have joined hands together in the COVID-19 vaccine plan which is most welcoming but on the other hand this has created a fear and anxiety among the people all over the world stating it would develop a shot to racism which would become a safety issue.

WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that ” We already face challenges with vaccine acceptance for many proven vaccines“. He also mentions that the real effective vaccine for COVID-19 cannot be refused in usage as people have fear towards it.

WHO previously said nearly 92 nations of third tire economy were seeking assistance through scheme and about 80 nations have come forward to help through the scheme. The WHO and the GAVI had planned to procure and deliver 2 billion doses of approved vaccine by the end of 2021. But United States, have really said that they will not longer participate in the Vaccine development.

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