8 Years of Saatai : A well made teacher film

Saatai is very special. Of course there are people who say it is preachy. It has been telecast on Vijay Tv N number of times but for me it is very special. It is one of those teacher films which always gives us hope. Samudhrakani is pitch perfect as the role model teacher. When I saw it the first time the film gave me a high. The film still gives me a high. What starts off as a one upmanship battle between Thambi Ramiah and Samudhrakani eventually turns into a tale of second chances for the both the students and the supposedly bad teacher. 

It is only when we have someone to believe in us we go on to achieve big things life. Having someone like Daayalan sir is always reassuring.  The film also gave us the adorable Mahima Nambiar. I love all the songs in the film but just like everyone else my heart skips a beat when I hear Sahaayane in Shreya Ghoshal’s voice. Saatai led to a string of similar films by Samuthrakani himself. The film completes 8 years today and I feel that the film deserves more appreciation than what it has received so far. A very well made teacher film. 

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