1 Year of Oththa Seruppu Size 7 : A terrific one man show

Othatha Seruppu Size 7 will always remain one of the most memorable theatre experience for me. I had my doubts whether the film would be engaging but Parthiepan smashed all my inhibitions with his terrific writing. Sometimes in an attempt to do something different creators do mess up. But Parthiepan is on the mark from the word go. The trademark Parthiepan wit was intact.  The way the story moved forward and the eventual conclusion was very gratifying. I was surprised and happy at the same time. It is creators like Parthiepan who give us the hope to try out something different every time.

At a time when directors fade out very easily after 3 or 4 films Parthiepan is still relevant and going great guns. The sheer audacity to try something like Othatha Seruppu itself deserves all the applause. From Purniya Paadhai to Oththa Seruppu it’s been one hell of a ride with different kinds of films and surprises. Among all his films Oththa seruppu is definitely one the crown jewels.

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