90’s kids memories : Chithi

Chithi is not just a serial. It is a nostalgic memory. It paved the way for the evolution of Tamil serials. I still remember how families used to be glued to the TV sets just to watch the clash between Raadhika and Yuvarani. The title song in Nithyashree’s voice is still a favourite of many. In many houses even dinner was served either before or after Chithi. As soon as the title song started rolling everyone was in front of the Tv.

 In a way Chithi helped the families bond as there were constant discussions about the serial among family members. It was also the first glimpse of Raadhika Sarathkumar – the queen of Tamil television. It brought her closer to families as they began to consider Radhika as a member of their household.  Casting Sivakumar as Radhikaa’s pair and Yuvarani as the antagonist was a masterstroke. Both of them were more than perfect for the role. Today we see so many serials but none of them match the aura of Chithi. 

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