The Big Bang Theory : A safe heaven for nerds

We always love a show where the characters evolve over a period of time. The Big Bang Theory is one such show. The four main leads of the show start out as nerds and eventually evolve into better persons. That I think is the success of the show. We have all been in that space during our teenage years. One look at your photograph will tell you a lot. How difficult was it to approach your opposite sex if you liked them? We were even creepy at times. But we learn and unlearn things over a period of time. The big bang theory is an exact replica of all that.

The show reversed gender roles too. Penny and bernie earn more than their husbands and the husbands are actually ok with that. What a delightful role reversal. Who can Sheldon’s emotional speech where he acknowledges his friends as his second family. Aren’t we all like that? Don’t forget the fact that Amy was one of the main reasons for Sheldon winning the nobel prize. Sheldon of course is a favourite for many. The genius , the prodigy with a lot of questions. Not surprisingly it led to another show titled Young Sheldon.

It is not a flawless show by any stretch of imagination. There are loose ends and character arc changes but the main highlight is the way the characters evolve and find themselves.

What is your favorite character in the show? Tell us why you like the show.

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