Happy Birthday A.R Murugadoss : The man with the midas touch

A.R Murugadoss is a name which is widely popular across India today. But I would like to go back to his Dheena days. The first chance comes with a very simple action film. But the young man in the director’s chair turns it into something else. He turns into a massive fan celebration with ample mass moments and creates an aura around the star Ajith by gifting him the moniker ” Thala”. What more does a fan need. Round 1 and it’s a resounding success. 

Then comes Ramana. The film is extraordinary alright. But it is the climax which steals our heart. The hero dies. How do you convince a hero that it is ok to die? More importantly how do you convince the mass audience that it is ok for their hero to die? Murugadoss does that with absolute conviction. Once again a success. How many films that end with the hero’s death have actually tasted success. Most of the times the climax is changed but here the director’s conviction is rightly rewarded in Round 2 as well.  

The third one is Ghajini. Leave out the action. Just how beautiful was the love story between Kalpana and Sanjay. The best part – Kalpana breathes her last without knowing the truth which leaves us with a heavy heart. The real triumph of the film is this sweet tender love story. 

The last but not the least is Thuppakki – The villain and the hero don’t meet at all until that terrific conversation on the phone. It is the rival who has the upper hand or so he thinks. There’s menace in his voice. He threatens. But our hero isn’t one to hold back either. He has the last laugh in this game of one upmanship with ” I am waiting”. 

4 films with 4 different heroes. Each with it’s own moments of magic. And one man behind it all. Happy birthday AR Murugadoss. 

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