SPB : A voice that will always be a part of us

SPB – Where do I start ? He isn’t just a singer. He is a part of our lives. Our irreplaceable companion who gave us joy every time he sang. From our childhood he’s mesmerized us with our voice. If we have bad days his voice will be there to comfort us. If we are happy he will sing with us. That’s the magic of SPB.

There’s a recent post in May where he says I am still practising some of the songs requested. How can someone be so dedicated even after all these years. He was a clean human as well with no black mark. He was warm , affectionate and very kind despite having achieved so much. A rare combination of humility and greatness.

And his voice matched all the heroes. For MGR there was Aaiyram Nilave Vaa. For Rajini there was Oruvan Oruvan Mudhalali, for Kamal there was the evergreen Happy New Year , for Vijay there was Alagooril Poothavale and for Ajith there was Vathikuchi Pathikadhu da.

A lot of upcoming heroes of the 80’s thrived because of SPB songs especially the star of the 80’s Mohan. SPB’s voice was for all heroes and all seasons.

He didn’t just sing. He acted, he dubbed and did everything that he ever wanted to.

He lived a life that every artist wants. He is a lifetime celebration. People like him don’t die. They are always a part of us. As long as people live on this earth there will be someone in some corner of the globe listening to an SPB song. 

Cheers to a well lived life sir. We will miss you. Thank you for the countless songs.

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