Happy birthday Nivedhithaa Sathish- A very promising talent

The first glimpse of Nivedhithaa Sathish was in her debut Magalir Mattum. She is entrusted with the unenviable task of filling in as the younger version of Saranya. Not an easy thing to do. But she pulls it off like an exact mirror image. The abundant enthusiasm and innocence of Saranya is visible in her too. That typing sequence is a colourful riot. What a wonderful way to start off your career.

Kaaka Kadi from Silu Karupatti is another feather in her cap. A personal favourite just for the depth that her character brings to that short unconventional tale of love. She embraces life with a lot of love and cheer. Life gifts her a love that is supposedly awkward. But even then the smile never leaves her lips. When her man says that he can’t give her everything that she needs. She smiles and says ” What you have is enough for me” quoting the earth as an example. How sweet! If only everyone learns to embrace flaws like Madhu the world would be a much better place.

Meera from Sethum Aayiram Pon is a stellar act. A plot revolving around death is supposed to be gloomy. But Meera’s unexpected journey to find her roots makes it a joyful experience. Though it is her Paati who hogs all the limelight Nivedhithaa as Meera is equally good as well. She doesn’t falter anywhere. Almost a perfect performance. I would have loved it if the film had an alternate ending where the grandfather and granddaughter hug and have fun. I would have loved to see Nivedhithaa flash that lovely smile of hers as the end credits rolled

Nevertheless a promising start with 3 wonderful films. Hopefully Nivedhithaa will become a name to reckon with in the future. Have high hopes on her.

Happy birthday Nivedhithaa Sathish.

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