Instagram Provides Mental Health Support

When you search for words like depression, suicide, I want to die, selfharm and other similar words that encourages behaviour that can cause harm to self on Instagram, and tap on the first hashtag, you get a pop up message asking ‘can we help?’

And as you press ‘Get Support’ it leads you to a site where it provides you with options that could really help a person in need. They also have a set of useful suggestions for users to read and help themselves. In difficult times like this, this option can really help save someone who is in need of support.

Depression doesn’t have a face. Mental health is never considered seriously or given adequate importance in most Indian families. If you find yourself in need of support, please do not hesitate to seek help. You are not to be blamed for what’s happening in your head and you can be healed. In the same way, if you find a friend who might need support, do not judge and try helping in all the ways possible. Let us all help each other in keeping our community mentally healthy.

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