1 Year of Asuran : A dad’s love

We felt bad when Asuran fell at the feet of the villagers. We weren’t expecting this. How many times have we seen this before. The hero surrendering is a big fat No. But our Sivasaami has no regrets. It is for his son. Celluloid rarely highlights a Dad’s love. It is always the Mom on the pedestal. Even here he’s harshly scolded for being a meek drunkard by his own son. But the Dad’s love for his son is unconditional. So he falls. 

We eagerly wait for a payback from Sivasaami and it happens rather unexpected – Again it’s love for his second son Chidambaram that paves way for the rise of Sivasami and what a rise it is. The moment we hear Va Asura Va it’s absolute chills. We waited and waited and it was a rousing payback.  The whole sequence is a stunner.  

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