2 Years of 96 : A trip down the memory lane

96 is a wonderful collage of memories. Even today the film feels like a wonderful trip down the memory lane. Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible to live like Ram in today’s world. Highly impossible. But then I remind myself that the story is not about Ram being alone. It is a story of how Ram treasures Jaanu every single day of his life. 

It is these small joyful moments that he makes with Jaanu and the wonderful memories that he creates with her which define Ram. If Ram and Jaanu had ended up together it would have been yet another happily ever after story with a conventional ending. 

But here we are celebrating memories like never before.  Those lost moments. The lingering feeling of pain and joy. It’s pure bliss to see ourselves through 2 wonderful human beings. The 90’s was much simpler. The unwritten letters and unspoken words. There’s a smile on my face every time I think of Ram and Jaanu and it’s a priceless gift for us from the team of 96. 

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