2 Years of Ratsasan : A spine-chilling experience

Ratsasan will always remain one of my memorable theatre experiences. It was one of the theatres in the city. I knew Ratsasan would be a good thriller but I wasn’t ready for the spine chilling experience that was to follow. Every scene kept me on the edge of my seat. I was biting my nails in fear. More importantly the movie held my interest till the very end. More thrillers start out well but fizzle out towards the end. But Ratsasan was different. 

Whenever I see Ratsasan I feel happy for two people – Vishnu Vishal and Director Ram Kumar. Vishnu Vishal deserves a huge applause for being able to choose unique scripts. Just like how Lingusamy surprised us with Run and Ananadham back in the 2000’s Ram Kumar has handled two very unique concepts in his first two films. 

And how good Ghibran’s background music. The fear in the music got to me too. And we found a promising talent in Saravanan who played Christopher. Amala Paul is as gracious as always. The whole film is a very satisfying experience. 

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