50 Popular Slang Words You Need to Know

Slang words are basically words that originally meant something but have evolved into usage with new creative meanings, often used informally. It could belong to a particular region or dialect, or it could be a word you use in between your gang of friends, thus creating your own method of communication. And often we might find ourselves left out from the group when we don’t understand some common teen slang words. So, here is a list of 50 slang words to keep you updated with the fun side of English colloquialism.

  1. Dope: Cool, excellent, awesome
  2. Karen: A rude person who demands beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary
  3. Spill the Tea: To tell the gossip, story
  4. Cruising: Driving at a high speed
  5. Snatched: Fashionable, best looking
  6. Sick: Cool
  7. Basic: Very mainstream, boring
  8. Bummer: Unpleasant, annoying
  9. Ship: Wanting two celebrities in a romantic relationship
  10. Thirsty: Trying to seek attention
  11. GOAT: Greatest Of All Time
  12. Sloshed: To be drunk
  13. Shook: Extremely shocked
  14. Emo: A very emotional person
  15. Ghost out: Slip out of a party, or a relationship without informing
  16. Slay: Looking cool, trendy
  17. Bae: Before Anyone Else
  18. Tbh: To be honest
  19. Bruh: Dude, bro (gender neutral)
  20. High Key: To say something loud and proud
  21. Flex: To show off
  22. Lowkey: Secretly, slightly
  23. Extra: Too much, over the top
  24. Hangry: Being both hungry and angry
  25. Chicken: A Coward
  26. Noob: A rookie who doesn’t really know what s/he’s doing
  27. Chuffed: Very pleasant
  28. FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out
  29. Freebie: Something you get for free
  30. I’m dead: a metaphor to tell that you feel some emotion so strong to a point where you can’t explain it
  31. CD9: Code 9, cant’ talk my parents are here
  32. To Bitch: Complain or gossip about something
  33. Stan: To become an ardent fan
  34. Woke: To be knowledgeable, aware of issues of the day
  35. Throw Shade: To give someone an insulting look
  36. Cap: Lie
  37. No Cap: Not lying
  38. Fr: For real
  39. Clout: Someone who does something just to get famous and is not genuine about their feelings on that subject
  40. Ditch: To leave something
  41. Glitch: Defect or a problem
  42. Periodt: Emphasis the end of the sentence
  43. Fit: A shortened version of outfit
  44. Fire: Something so cool
  45. Jock: A person who plays a sport
  46. Bucks: Money
  47. Sus: Suspicious, suspect
  48. Icky: unpleasant, annoying
  49. All nighter: To stay up all night and study
  50. Gucci: Good, amazing, cool


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