Dream Catchers : Origin, Meaning and The Truth If It Really Works

A Dream Catcher is originally a handmade willow hoop frame woven in a loose net and decorated with sacred items like feathers, beads, gemstones, etc. It is said to protect you in your sleep from negative dreams, and filters the good ones to enter your mind. It’s history traces back to the Ojibwas (parts of Southern Canada and northern Midwestern United States). And this phenomenon has now been widely spread in various nook and cranny of the globe.

The centre of the dream catcher is shaped like a spider web, that will hold all the negativity and nightmares in it. It should be hung above the bed and must be exposed to sunlight, so as soon as morning rays strike the dream catcher the bad dreams caught by it during the night are eradicated. So this is what that’s been believed, and passed on for generations now. But how true is this?

The world is omnipotent, and we are just a mere spark of all the magnificent creations. That being given, we people depend on luck, divinity and other charms that are not factually proven to exist. We are constantly on a look out for purpose and we run to any point to seek hints of hope. And Dream Catchers are one part like that, and other part the beliefs that’s been passed down for ages. There are a lot of myths, some people believe in them, the rest don’t. They also say that you shouldn’t break your dream catcher if you want to get rid of it, as it would release all the nightmares again, that they have a lifetime and get clogged. But none can prove any of it.

In conclusion dream catchers are beautiful things to have, even though you need not believe in it, adding a dream catcher to your room will make the place look more vibrant and thus inflict positive energy in you. And if you are suffering from nightmares very often, you can definitely try hanging one above your bed and believe that it will help. What you think is what you become. 

Dream catchers are almost available everywhere now, it has become a go-to gift to present people. You can also hand make them very easily, so many simple tutorials are available on the internet. It will be a beautiful add on to your room and it will also filter out your good dreams for you, double the advantage. A dream catcher may even be your lucky charm for real. 😉

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