Putham Puthu Kaalai : Healing Hope and Happiness

Putham Puthu Kaalai – An anthology about second chances in life and love. 5 shorts or should I say 5 shots at redemption. Each of the films see characters rediscovering their lost self over the lockdown. Bruised egos are healed quite beautifully. 

  • Illamai Idho Idho :

We often say age is just a number.  What if we can negate time and age and fall in love just one more time? Sudha explores this by splitting time. Both the young and the old couple make you wish for a real life version of the same. 

  • Avarum Naanum/ Avalum Naanum :

Time heals everything even bruised egos and old scars. MS Bhaskar steals our heart with his kannas and Ritu Varma is elegance personified. You don’t need to move mountains to heal fractured relationships. Just simple conversations are more than enough. 

  • Coffee anyone :

For me this was the odd one out. Despite having a strong premise this segment throws away a golden chance. The excess melodrama doesn’t help. The only saving grace is Kathadi Ramamurthy. 

  • Reunion :

 Damn! How great is Andrea in this one both as an actor and as a personality. When you are a wanderer the people who embrace your are your home. A lost soul finds her home in two people who give her the reassurance that she badly needs.  And all three actors – Andrea , Leela Samson and Sikkil Gurucharan do the best that they can. 


Miracle is different with Karthik Subbaraj stamp written all over it. It’s funny quirky and unique. Karthik Subbaraj finds his groove after a long time. The trademark KS twist is there and it was genuinely hilarious. Welcome back Karthik Subbaraj we missed you. 

Seeing the older members of the cast do most of the heavy lifting actually fun. And thankfully none of them miss the mark. There’s Urvashi and Jayaram who are absolutely adorable. MS Bhaskar is as reliable as always. Kathadi Ramamurthy after a long hiatus. Took me back to the 90’s when the actor was regular on tv. And Leela Samson is graceful.

 Putham Puthu Kaalai deserves a watch just for these actors alone even if some of the segments might not work for all. Different segments might work for different people depending on what they are looking for in this anthology. For me 4 out of the 5 worked while one fell agonizingly short. 

And the music is splendid and stands out on it’s own.

The anthology has it’s fair share of highs and lows but is definitely watchable

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