The MBTI Test Accurately Breaks Down Your Real Personality: Details and Where To Take It?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self report that indicates your psychological preferences. The accuracy level of this test is so on point for most people, and it helps you analyze and reflect on yourself better. It basically works on the theory of psychological types proposed by C. G. Jung. This Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst proposed four main functions, two perceiving (Sensation and Institution) and two judging (Thinking and Feeling), and from these basic traits further modifications are made in order to understand the personality of a person. This test helps a lot about understanding how you think and interact, and what your strengths and weaknesses are and a lot more about you.

Once you answer the set of questions listed, your personality type is instantly analyzed on the basis of your answers. Then detailed information about your different types of characteristics like romantic relationship, friendship, career paths, etc., are enunciated. Type ISFJ is the most common personality, and Type INFJ is the rarest. The correctness of this test is so accurate to a point where its scary knowing how much a random internet test knows about us. You can check your other compatible types and it’s fun and informative at the same time. It hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes in total.

Click here take the test at the 16 Personalities website.

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