5 Interesting Facts About Tamil Cuisine

Growing up in a tamil household can be a little hectic at times because most families are conservative around here, but something that’s undeniable is we’re blessed when it comes to food. Our cuisine is filled with flavours, the kind of components we add has strengthened our immune system and is also very delicious. It’s loaded with goodness. And cooking here is not done for the sake of cooking, it’s done to fill our tummies as well as feed our heart. In short, cooking here is done with love.

Tamil cuisine is a culinary style that originates from us, the Tamil people. That includes Tamil Nadu, and also various parts of Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries with about 90 million Tamil people across the globe. So here are some interesting facts about Tamil cuisine

  1. We have endless breakfast variety. From the light idli, dosa, uttapam to heavy puri, pongal. A few years ago, we must have come across people saying that UNESCO declared idly as the world’s healthiest breakfast, sorry to disappoint you although Idli is very healthy, that wasn’t declared.
  1. Our traditional ‘Saapadu’ is served on a plantain leaf and comprises of 12 to 20 dishes including varieties of rice, parupu, sambhar, rasam, curry, poriyal, aviyal, kootu, vadai, payasam, apalam, buttermilk, pickle, banana. We eat it using hands, and the kids are hand fed till they are matured enough to do it themselves.
  1. Although most families right now drink tea on a daily basis, Kattan kappi, Nannari Sharbarth, Koozh are some of the most popular drinks from Tamil origin.
  1. We have a wide range of sweets that we make. Families sit and spend their time together while making Palagaram for different festivals. Murukku, Munthiri Kothu, Thattai, Somas, Adhirasam, Susiyam are some of the many popular snacks made during Diwali.
  1. Though most of us love mutton curry, fish fry and all that, Tamil Cuisine is mostly a plant-based cuisine, which means you have countless variety of delicious vegetarian recipes.
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