7 things that Brendon McCullum writes in his notes

With KKR having it’s share of ups and downs this ipl. We are just wondering what Brendon Mccullum writes in his notes. Here are few imaginary things he could be doing. 

1. He doesn’t write anything. He plays tic- tac- toe 

2. He’s just scribbling like a kid. 

3. He’s writing his resignation letter after KKR’s bad performance in last match. 

4. He’s writing a love letter just like Ambi from Anniyan

5. He’s drawing Rangoli just for fun. 

6. He’s taking notes to become a lecturer just after IPL 

and last but not least the real reason. 

7. Taking notes as the head coach of KKR to rectify the negatives. 

What else could be in those notes. Are they really useful? Tell us. 

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