Doctor removes 20 live worms from a man’s eyelid in China

Doctors removed at least 20 live worms from the man’s eyelid in China. This man is around 60 years old and had sensation is his eyes a couple of months ago. He kept ignoring it as he thought it was due to tiredness. Wan, from Suzhou city of Jiangsu province in eastern China, was admitted in the Suzhou Municipal Hospital. Dr Xi Ting who examined him found that there were cluster of tiny worms stuck under Wan’s right eyelid.

These worms were white and slender also known as nematodes. These worms are known as parasites and it usually lives in the tear ducts of dogs, cats and other animals. This mainly occurs in people when they have pets at home, but in his cases he doesn’t own a pet it might have come as he used to exercise at outdoors regularly. The doctor finally advised people experiencing symptoms such as blurred vision or discomfort to seek medical attention.

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