50 Millennial Slang Words You Need to Know (pt. 2)

It can really stress you out in a conversation, or when you notice a word on the internet but don’t really understand the context from where it’s used. Every generation, region, gang has its own set of slang words that only makes sense among them and it’s not your fault if you can’t understand a few. So, here is a set of 50 slang words that might help you in catching up with the fast evolving phase of English language.

  1. Time Suck: Something that consumes a lot of your time unproductively.
  2. TL;DR: Abbreviation for “too long; didn’t read.”
  3. Swole: To describe a person with a muscular, nice physique.
  4. Boujee: A person who is luxurious in lifestyle.
  5. Snappin’: A compliment to tell you really looks good. 
  6. Yaas/yuss: Enthusiastically saying yes.
  7. Mood: To express something that is relatable. Mewd is another way of saying it.
  8. Cringey: To do something that’s humiliating, or silly.
  9. OTP: Abbreviation for “One True Pairing.”
  10. Adulting: Behaving like an adult, to be more responsible and mindful of necessary tasks.
  11. Bye Felicia: Asking someone to get out of your face, or that person leaving doesn’t really bother you. It’s a reference from the comedy film ‘Friday’.
  12. Finsta: A private Instagram account with just close friends that’s usually got silly or personal content.
  13. Spam account: An Instagram account for close friends, this is a type of Finsta. A spam account could also be a back-up account.
  14. That’s a choice: Subtly disagreeing to someone before you put your opinions out.
  15. JOMO: Acronym for “Joy Of Missing Out”. It’s more like an introverted version of FOMO (Fear of missing out). 
  16. V: Short form of Very.
  17. Clapback: Another word for come back.
  18. DM: Direct Message.
  19. Tope: Combination of Totally and Dope.
  20. Trill: Combination of True and Real.
  21. Dank: Very cool.
  22. D-List: Influencers, or a person who is famous on social media. Derived along A-list, B-list of celebrities.
  23. Flossing: A kind of dance. Very popular in a video game called “Fortnite.”
  24. Finesse: Originally used to people with skill of getting past a situation easily, but now it means to smoothly steal things out.
  25. Wig Snatched: Expose someone in order to reveal the truth
  26. Bet: Used as a brief response. Means something like “for sure, or okay.”
  27. TFW: Abbreviation for “that feeling when.”
  28. IRL: Abbreviation for “in real life.”
  29. Can’t even: To describe someone or something you can’t handle
  30. Turnt: A word that’s used to describe you’re having fun. A shorter phrase of “turned up” and means you are excited.
  31. Keeping it 100: Behaving in your best version.
  32. Salty: A person who is bitter, has a bad temper almost all the time.
  33. bb: Acronym for baby.
  34. Smol: To describe something that’s small and cute
  35. Bop: To describe a really good song
  36. Ratchet: A person who is rude, mean, or obnoxious.
  37. Swerve: To avoid an unwanted situation.
  38. Lewk: Another variation of look.
  39. Skrt: To represent the sound of wheels when you drift, used to express excitement or humor.
  40. Szn: Short form of season.
  41. BTO: Acronym of “bathroom time off.”
  42. Left on read: When someone reads your text and does not reply to it. 
  43. Weird flex but okay: To flex is to show off. So you use it to mock someone who is flexing to prove they are better than you. 
  44. Collecting Receipts: Practice of collecting screenshots, videos or photos to prove a point.
  45. Yeet: An exclamation of excitement.
  46. Ok, boomer: To dismiss someone older when they corner or throw advice at you. This word can come off rude as it caused chaos on social media. Along this a few people have now started using “zoomer” for referring to Generation Z.
  47. Retweet: Used in context of agreeing to something. You can simply say “retweet” instead of saying “that’s correct, or I agree.” 
  48. And I Oop: You say it when you accidentally drop something, hurt yourself or make a blunder.
  49. Clipped: Something that is over and you can not do anything about it, basically the end.
  50. Dime: The best something can have.

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