Korean Drama Watchlist for Beginners

Korean dramas, or popularly known as Kdramas have now become a major phenomenon in the entertainment sector. They can really be addictive once you get the knack of it. I love how most kdramas have only one season with a minimal number of episodes each, unlike English series that keeps going on and on. With very interesting plotlines, grasping twists, charming actors, and the variety it provides, one can’t stop being a Kdrama fan once exposed to it. If you are new to this and do not know where to begin, here is a list of some of the best Kdramas. You can easily find them on Netflix or on websites like kissasian, Viki.

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. (2016)

16 Episodes.

To live an eternity will definitely keep leaving you lonely after every set of happiness that you cross paths with. This drama is about a 939 years old Goblin (a guardian angel entity with immortal life), who falls in love with the only girl (goblin bride) who can release him from his eternal life of misery and help attain peace. With its complex but neat plot development, characters perfectly casted and Gong Yoo’s wholesome smile, this Kdrama emotes love in its PUREST form and is one of the best ever.

 IMDb Rating: 8.6/10

Kingdom. (2019)

2 Seasons. 6 Episodes Each.

If you’re into zombie apocalypse, political upheaval, or Joseon korean era, this is the perfect choice. This drama that’s completely devoid of romance, is filled with gruesome realistic zombies and dirty politics played to attain power. This slightly reminded me of the army of dead and Cersei’s political games from Game Of Thrones. But here, there are no dragons to help, but simply man power vs army of zombies storming the gates. It’s raw cinematography is an added advantage. Umm, the next season is in production. I’m just hoping they don’t drag the plot and spoil it because how they ended the 2nd season itself was satisfactory.

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10

The Heirs. (2013)

20 episodes.

Highschool dramas are always fun to watch and this tops the list of it. This drama is about the younger son of a large business conglomerate who falls in love with a simple girl he runs into in California. Upon their return home, it’s revealed that she’s the daughter of his in-house maid. This heavy star casted drama revolving around the privileged, wealthy high schoolers, explores various themes like friendship, social identity, rivalry, love and relationships. Lee Min Ho is in his best form and this is something that’ll make you want to binge.

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

WWW: Search. (2019)

16 Episodes.

This is my personal favorite from my recent watch. Not exaggerating, but this drama is the content I want to watch. It’s about women power. It’s so rare to come across a women centered plotline, which has it’s dosage of everything right to make the whole drama entertaining. It’s centered on 3 very ambitious ladies with their own interests and love life. The female lead is much older than the male lead and there comes the thrill of it. Though importance is given to their love life and partners, it never completely takes the limelight, like how love can only be a part of a woman’s life. The story is very empowering and I’ll definitely recommend any drama lover to watch this.

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

Descendants Of The Sun. (2016)

16 Episodes.

A drama that’s well emulsified with romance and a strong career. The action packed plotline revolves around Shi Jin, a special force officer who develops a liking for Kang Mo Yeon, a medical surgeon when they cross paths in Seoul. A soldier can’t hesitate to even kill a person upon command from a superior, whereas a doctor is pledged to save even an enemy in suffering. Stating the difference in their ideals, Mo Yeon decides that their relationship can’t go any further. And then, fate plays its part in bringing them together to work in a military camp in Uruk. And the rest is the drama. They battle with earthquake and disaster, a local mafia lord, a deadly virus on the loose and what not. Though the plotline is predictable, the breezy romance, subtle comedy, the bromance, the tension in the disaster management site, witty conversations and the stunning location makes the drama worth watching.

Boys Over Flowers. (2009)

25 Episodes.

This is a classic, more like the godfather of Kdramas to a lot of people here. To a lot of us this is where the crazy love for Kdramas began, right? This is also Lee Min Ho’s debut drama and this high school drama is about F4, a gang of extremely rich spoilt boys, with Gu Jun Pyo (the meanest of them all) being the leader. And we have Geum Jan di, she joins the school as a special student from a poor background and becomes the target of F4’s bullying. But as she gets close to the boys, she realises what’s driving Jun Pyo to be the arrogant guy he is. A lot happens in each episode and I’d be ruining it if I explain it any further. It’s gold and if you’re into high school romances, just go with this one. It won’t disappoint.

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10

Warning: Kdramas can be very addictive!

All these dramas are available on Netflix to watch.

If you’ve watched them already, comment down your favourite and also tell us in the comments if you’d want more watchlists/ reviews like this.

Saranghae <3

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