School, Colleges Reopen Date Is Here : Tamil Nadu

The long awaited official announcement regarding the commencement of Schools and Colleges in Tamil Nadu is out now. What started as a simple joke of a break has now been on-going for more than 7 months, at this point most students are desperate to get back to classes because 7 months out of normal life is missing friends and all the socializing and activities that’s kept them going. From a point of bunking classes, students are now despising the idea of holidays itself. But there are a few people who’ve grown attachment to staying at home, things are not going to be easy once it gets back to normal as it’s true that we are not going to continue from where we left. This is going to be a new start in itself. So the official announcement is as follows: Classes from 9 Std to 12th Std, Colleges, Research institutions and other educational institutions to reopen from NOV 16 .

Religious and political gatherings can be held with a capacity of 100 persons from Nov 16 – Amusements parks, Large auditoriums open by Nov 10.

Since, Theatres to open from Nov 10 with 50% occupancy . “Considering the representations received from theatre owners, all theatres, including multiplexes and theatres at shopping malls having more than one screens are allowed to operate with 50% capacity from November 10,” the Chief Minister said.

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