6 year old ‘ABC rap’ about careers goes viral

A 6-year-old Memphis kid who raps the ABCs of careers is now going viral and getting national exposure.  Sam White and his dad Bobby White co-produced a rap that highlights a different career for every letter of the alphabet. The video initially posted to Facebook is now going viral with more than 300,000 shares on Facebook.

Sam White was reading at the age of 2 thanks to his mother.  White and his father wrote the rap last year and performed it at his school, but his father recorded him doing it this week because he felt the entire world should see Sam’s talent.

From a judge to a kindergarten teacher, Same sings a brief description about each occupation. “You can be a J, you can be a judge, help people to seek justice,” Sam says.  “You can be a K, Kindergarten teacher, those kids are young and restless…you can be a L, you can be a lawyer because people need to know their rights.”

“We’re always telling him he can be whatever he wants to be but this is just an idea to introduce him to something, Sam doesn’t watch a lot of television so it kind of became an exercise, let’s come up with careers and things you can do when you grow up, A-Z,” said Bobby White, Sam’s father.

Sam told Local 24 he wanted to be an architect because he likes to build.  He says he practiced the rap more than 50 times to memorize it.

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