Did You Know? The 15-Year Old Anniyan Movie Revolves Around Modern Psychology

In India director Shankar is one of the most highest paid filmmaker, the budget gets phenomenal not only for his embellished work, but if you hook into the movie you can make connection with a definite plot and a message.

Looking back, the movie Anniyan is a psychological action thriller written and directed by Shankar. He being a curious cookie could be one of the reason to spotlight on the psychological dilemma by addressing the prejudice, conformity, aggression, leadership, political persuasion and other
basic areas of social psychology and the study of normal human behaviour. On other hand in India psychology is still critical, which attempts to understand the concept of mind and human behaviour.
Here are some of the psychological aspects associated with the movie: the protagonist Ambi develops two distinct personalities as he suffers from dissociate identity disorder (previously known as multiple personality disorder) due to childhood trauma (Anniyan) and low self esteem
leading to incompetence in his love life (Ramp Walk Remo).

The three characters could be further characterised to psychoanalytic theory given by Sigmund Freud. Also the film sheds light on importance of psychiatrist, role played by Naser and shows the beneficiaries of screening and assessments (recovered memory therapy, hypnosis and free association-psychoanalytical technique) through mental health centres (NIMHANS). In the climax scene, if you look closely Naser hands over a book called Sybil to the judge. Sybil is a real life story written by Flora Rheta Schreiber, who was possessed by 16 different personalities.

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