NASA spots giant Space Pumpkin

The splendid image is a snapshot of the early stages of a collision between two galaxies, NASA explained. “The entire view is nearly 109,000 light years across, approximately the diameter of our Milky way,” it added. In the time of Halloween mode, NASA has also joined hands with the Halloween. To mark the festival, the space agency released photos and video of the newly discovered “greater pumpkin”.

Pictures from NASA Hubble Telescope recently spotted something that looks like a giant jack-o’-lantern in the outer space with two brightly lit eyes and a crooked smile. “Sorry Charlie Brown, NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is taking a peek as the “Greater Pumpkin”, that looks like a Halloween decoration tucked away in a patch of sky cluttered with stars,” the agency wrote on its website. NASA showed how universe has a “cosmic candy” in store for all Halloween fans.

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