North Korea: One of the Worst Countries In The World.

North Korea is a bizarre, isolated and highly dangerous country in the world. There are odd rules and regulations in this country. The entire globe is curious about North Korea and its lifestyle. However, there are no much resources available in this country. North Koreans firmly believe there is only one Korea. Even if the world believes we live in 21st century, their calendar begins from April 13th 1912, the birth date of the founder Kim Il-Sung. Hardly three channels telecast all the programs, which of those guarded by the government.

The elections are held every year and voters have only one option to choose from. The tourist spot of this country would be visiting the preserved dead body of the North Korean leader Kim II-Sung. The blue jeans are banned in the country, considering blue jeans – a symbol of capitalism, US imperialism. They follow no religion. The military service is mandatory for both men and women.

The founder of the country Kim II-Sung and grandfather of Kim Jong Un passed away on 8th July 1994, the citizens mourn the leader’s demise every year and to smile on that day is punishable and they’re not allowed to engage in any fun activities or consume alcohol. If a family member is found guilty, the entire family will land in jail. It’s called ‘The three-generation rule’. More than calling it a dangerous country, it’s a depressing country. The citizens have no clue about the outside world.

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