Woman divorces her husband after 3 years of marriage to let him marry his girlfriend

This incident which exactly looks like a movie scene, a married woman got divorced from her husband to make him get married to his girlfriend. This case was reported in Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal. The woman ended her 3 years old marriage with her husband to help him spend rest of his life with another woman he loves.

The man’s Lawyer stated that her client was in love with both the women his wife as well as his girlfriend. But since it’s illegal to have two wife at a time, the woman stepped out of her marriage life. “He wanted to be in a marital relationship with both which isn’t legally possible. But the wife is very mature, she divorced him and helped him marry his girlfriend,” the lawyer said.

There were many comments posted on Twitter. Many people appreciated the woman for her sacrifice, many also criticized the husband for putting her in such a position. One user wrote, “An extremely insensitive man..Why did he marry another woman if he had a girlfriend..? Karma will catch up Hope the brave woman gets a new husband who is loving, caring and faithful.

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