Helicopter carrying heart for transplant crashes in US

Helicopter was carrying a heart from San Diego to Keck Hospital in East Los Angeles on Friday. After 3.15 pm the helicopter descended toward rooftop helipad and the doctor dropped the organ before it was transplanted successfully. The three people who were on the rooftop escaped luckily without serious injuries.

It was a private eight seat helicopter ambulance spinning out of control before the pilot was set to land it onto the roof of Keck Hospital in Boyle Heights . The helicopter was named as AgustaWestland AW109 suddenly lost its control on the rooftop. Nobody inside or around the facility was injured.

The rescue workers ran immediately to save the organ, which was inside the helicopter. They managed to hand over the organ to a medical worker, who by getting the organ in hand rushed into the hospital. While rushing the medical worker dripped off but luckily there was no damage to the organ. Later on the transplantation was done successfully.

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