Government to control and censor online content including Social Media

For a very long time online content was given a free hand with no regulations and the content creators too produced whatever they wanted. This also is the right way of doing it since a content creator has to have the freedom to create. While the press , advertisements and movies have a regulatory body of their own but there is no such regulating body for online content. President Ram Nath Govind has issued an order which makes OTT’s like Amazon , Prime and Hotstar answerable to the Information and Broadcasting Ministry. Regulations will also be there for social media platforms like FB, Twitter and Instagram. 

The earlier code adopted by the OTTs prohibited five types of content. This includes content that deliberately and maliciously disrespects the national emblem or national flag, any visual or story line that promotes child pornography, any content that “maliciously” intends to outrage religious sentiments, content that “deliberately and maliciously” promotes or encourages terrorism and, lastly, any content that has been banned for exhibition or distribution by law or court. The government however was not satisfied.

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