Soorarai Pottru : An inspiring tale which strikes a chord

Presenting the story of an underdog is very tricky. Sometimes it can be a jaw dropping experience with all those inspiring scenes. And at times it can be spoiled by rags to riches clichés. Thankfully Soorarai Pottru belongs to the former. Every scene and every character strikes a chord with the audience , especially the ones who aid Suriya in his triumph. 

Despite the fact that the film primarily revolves around Suriya almost every character in the film is gifted with a standout scene which moves us. I cried when the characters broke down and celebrated their victory too. The film constantly pushes us to dream big and break barriers. What more do you want as an audience?

Suriya is spectacular after a long time and shares a sparkling chemistry with Aparna Balamurali who is mighty impressive as Bommi.  There’s nothing that Urvashi can’t do.  In film after film she keeps reminding us that she’s one of the best actresses of all time. Poo Ram as the Dad carries on from where he left off in Pariyerum Perumal. The love – hate relationship between him and Suriya is refreshing. 

Karunas , Kali Venkat, Vivek Prasanna and Vinodhini all chip in with their best performances. GV Prakash’s music is in perfect sync with the mood of the film.

 Sudha Kongara comes up with an inspiring tale which flies high.. 

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