12th Man Can Bat/Bowl Street Cricket Rules in Australia T20 League

12th Man of  Team is allowed to Play Game by replacing any Player in Middle of the Game – Exclusive X-factor Rules in BBL 2020

Big Bash League was one of the successful T20 leagues in world Cricket, they started this edition before 10 Years after the success of IPL in India and now Australian Cricket Board T20 league successfully entered into 10th Edition of BBL from December 10.

BBL was always meant for New innovation rules  and techniques like stump mic, lightning Stump, on-field interview to interact with the fielder  but  now for this season they came up with three exciting rules which were completely new for both fans and players in this T20 League.We will explain the rules with the scenario in this article.

‘Power Surge’, ‘X-factor Player’ and ‘Bash Boost’ were the three new rules unveiled by the Big Bash League ahead of the tenth edition of BBL.We named our own understanding of this rules in bracket, comment your opinion after reading the article.

Power Surge:(Any Time Powerplay)

 ‘Power Surge’  is the rule that will consist of a two-over period(12 balls) where the fielding side is allowed only two fielders outside the 30-yard circle . The batting side can take it at any given time from the 11th over of the innings onwards. Meanwhile, the Powerplay overs in the start  reduced to four overs from six overs for the Team.These kind of rules will completely favour the chasing team in T20 format.

For example : Consider a scenario batting second team was chasing 180 runs ,if they were at the situation to score 35 runs from 2 overs , in this kind of situation if the chasing team (the one who is batting ) took these Power Strudge in the last 2 overs. Then , the chasing team could easily win the game as they have only 2 fielders outside the ring.

Bash Boot:( Extraa points for Better RunRate)

The ‘Bash Boost’ is the rules which will give bonus points to the team who were in the chasing side which will give extra points for chasing the score in high run rate  which will be  given in midway through the second innings ,if they’re above the equivalent 10-over score of their opposition.Even If they lose the match ,they will get 1 points at the end .

For example: Consider  the side that is chasing down the target for the chasing side is 200, the team who were chasing in the middle will have required rate as 10 in early stage of chasing , if they maintain the same run rate till 10 over during chasing (like 100 runs in 10 overs).If they won the game at the end , they will be awarded 4-points  instead of 3-winning points.

X-Factor: (Street Cricket Rules in BBL)

The ‘X-factor Player’, who is named as the 12th or 13th player, can get into the game at the 10th over of the first innings, replacing any player who is yet to bat, or has bowled no more than a single over. Usually,12 th and 13 th Man of the team will more likely play as an substitute player in the field . But  in X-factor rules he can bat and bowl at any time of the match by replacing any player . 

For Example : Consider the team were in a worst situation while chasing or defending  the low total , if any bowler having a bad day on the field such as 30 runs an over , the bowler who gave 30 runs in over can be replaced by the team for the rest of the match.It is like a ‘atele’ in street cricket where the player can be ‘atele’ and a new player can bat or bowl at any time.

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