Happy Birthday Sushmita Sen : The journey from Miss Universe to an inspiring single Mom

It is always tough when you are constantly compared to your illustrious contemporary. Both of them started off the same way in Tamil but the similarity ends there. While one went on to have a chequered career Sush faded into oblivion after the initial high. Even though Ash will always be the benchmark for beauty queens I don’t think I have fallen for any heroine like I fell for Sushmita in Main Hoon Naa. 

She’s the kind of jaw dropping beauty that can leave you speechless. Chandini M’am will always be a favorite. And no one can ace the red saree like Sushmita in Main Hoon Na. I still watch that intro scene in the film and go bonkers. Nayanthara looked very pale in comparison in Aegan. 

And then there is Soniya Soniya. It is one of Dad’s favourite songs. I have heard numerous tales of Dad , the song and his lonely days abroad. The song was his solace. Trust me when I say this my Dad wasn’t the only one who was mesmerized by Sushmita. 

Even now something about Sushmita’s relatively quiet life gets to me. A turbulent personal life , redemption , two lovely kids and her own happy space as a  strong determined woman. She’s incredibly fit at this age. Maybe if someone ever decides to decorate the big screen with her story we might get to know more about what made her the woman she is now. 

There have been many beauty queens from India but I don’t think anyone come close to the elegance and beauty of Ash and Sush. There’s always that special soft spot for Sushmita in my life.

Happy Birthday Beauty queen

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