No more Aadhi in Sembaruthi : Shocking news for fans

People who are familiar with Tamil Television cannot forget the name Karthik Raj from Kana Kaanum Kalangal. He has been the heartthrob for young girls for quite a while now. He was introduced as a teenager and quickly went onto become a hero material for television. Despite limited acting skills there was no stopping Karthik Raj. Then came office which was again an audience favorite but this was just the beginning for Karthik Raj. Then came Sembaruthi which gave him peak fame. Aadhi became a household name. There were fans who even imitated Aadhi’s get up. People began to see Aadhi and Parvathi as one of their own. 

But it looks like all good things must come to an end. Just a few weeks back Janani who played the character of Aishwarya was removed from the show and was replaced by Deepthi. She even gave interviews confirming her exit. This is something which happens in every serial when the serial goes on for a long period of time. But now we have another shocking news for Sembaruthi fans. Karthik Raj who played Aadhi might be replaced by another actor. Quite understandably the viewers are shocked. Some are even saying that they won’t watch the serial without Karthik Raj as Aadhi. So will it happen or will Karthik Raj be part of Sembaruthi forever. Let’s see. 

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