Who is the evicted contestant this week?

Suchi was the surprise wild card entry of this big Boss. After making waves in radio with her lovely voice which earned her the nickname Mirchi Suchi. She went onto become one of the acclaimed playback singers of the Tamil cinema industry. She has been off the radar for a while before making a big splash with her entry into the big boss house. Being a wild card entry she was very much aware of how the audience perceived the big boss contestants before she stepped into the house. She used it to her advantage in her short stint inside the house so far. 

Now the buzz is that Suchi might be the big eviction this week. Before her it was Suresh Chakravarthy , Rekha and Velmurugan. Though we anticipated something big when Suchi entered the house she hasn’t been such an active participant so far. The one thing she has been good is potu kudukurathu as it is known in Tamil. With the Shivani – Bala love hate relationship going on in full swing the attention of the audience is focused on that. And with Azeem entering the big boss house it will be romance and TRP bonanza for Vijay Tv. Maybe that’s why Suchi is having an early eviction. Let’s wait and see. 

RJ suchi
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