A new wildcard entry in Big Boss : Love triangle begins

We have already predicted that Suchi will be leaving this week after a not so impressive stint in the big boss house. She was neither intimidating or exciting – The two things that you need to survive in the big boss house. So it is no surprise that she is being evicted. In a way it is good too for we can hear Suchi sing more. Her voice is still one of the best voices to ever dominate the radio space. Even as a playback singer she was fantastic. So this big boss stint might put Suchi back in the limelight and bring back her golden voice. 

But someone has to take up Suchi’s space in the house. It is none other than Azeem. He had earlier posted that a surprise awaits fans with the famous big boss eye symbol. The latest post is by Azeem’s team which indicates that he is all set for a grand entry in the big boss house. Most probably he will be in the house today and it’s going to be an unsaid love triangle between Bala , Shivani and Azeem. It will be interesting to see if the chemistry that Shivani and Azeem shared in serials will be replicated in the big boss house. If it happens then it will be TRP bonanza for Vijay Tv. 

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