Tenet India Release Date : Details Inside

Christopher Nolan has a huge fan following in India. Right from his Prestige days Christopher Nolan has become an icon for Indian movies. His movies also generate a huge buzz as well. He is the one who revived the DC franchise with his Batman movies. Is there anyone here who is not a fan of Christian Bale as Barman. The Batman trilogy has a separate fan base. Then came Interstellar , Inception etc. This kind of cemented his position as the go to director for Indian movie buffs. Even India’s first 100 crore movie Ghajini was inspired by Nolan’s Momento. The only difference was the fact that Ghajini had a cute love track.

So it is only natural that Christopher Nolan’s Tenet has a huge expectation in India ahead of it’s release. As always Time is one of most important elements of a Nolan film. The fact that the theatres have re-opened has only increased the expectations. Now we have good news for Nolan fans in India. After a long wait the film finally gets a release date in India during the Christmas month. The film which released to mixed response in the US because of the Pandemic will release in India on December 4th.

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