A Year with Zero foreign trip for PM Modi

As we continue to live in an era full of possibilities, 2020 has given us yet another viral news. PM Modi, literally does a lot foreign trips. In 2015 it recorded 41 trips over 52 countries within a span of 48 months as a Prime Minister (Official trips).

This is the first time, due to the pandemic our PM Modi has recorded a year with zero foreign trips since 2014.

A source from the Prime minister office says that till Nov 23,2020 PM Modi did not visit one forgein country this year.

His last recorded visit is Brazil in November 2019, after the pandemic arose PM Modi cancelled his international trips and started his domestic campaign and visit to Ayodhya for Ram temple inauguration.

Prime minister Office data says that ” PM Modi visited 96 countries between June 15 – 2014 to November – 2019. In 2014 alone, PM Modi visited 8 countries followed by 23 countries in 2015 and 17 countries in 2016 and then 14 countries in 2017, and 20 and 14 countries in 2018 and 2019 respectively “.

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