Facts About William James Sidis: The Child Parody

If I asked you to list out names of people with high IQ, who would you say? Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein, do you agree? But did you know, William James Sidis was born as a child parody in the late 19th century? He had an extremely high IQ, the modern historians are forced to estimate it around 250-300. Here are a few facts about him. 

  1. William James Sidis was named after his godfather, William James an American philosopher and psychologist. 
  2. Boris Sidis, father of William James Sidis was a psychiatrist who worked in the field of abnormal psychology. And he was a polyglot. 
  3. When Sidis was 18 months old, he was able to read The New York Times. 
  4. By the age of 6, he could speak in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Russian, Hebrew, Turkic and Armenian. 
  5. He also invented his own language called Vendergood. 
  6. At the age of 11, he attended Harvard University and he graduated at the age of 16.
  7. At the age of 12, he lectured the Harvard Mathematical Club on the incredibly complex topic of four-dimensional bodies. It is also said that most of the people found it hard to understand it. 
  8. At the age of 17, he enrolled in a university called Rice to earn a degree in doctorate. 
  9. His parents were criticized in the media for nurturing their son in a precocious way. 
  10. His book “The Animate and The Inanimate “, talks about the origin of life in the context of thermodynamics. 
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