Depression And India

In today’s day and age, Depression has become a common mental disorder. Depression is conceived to be prolonged sadness in a person. Normally an individual will lose track of his activities which he use to enjoy and escort by incapacitation to fulfil day-to-day pursuits.

The majority of us feel depressed and anxious or say at the end of the day we are accustomed to emotional exhaustion.

According to WHO – around the world, the total number of people with depression was approximated to exceed 300 million in 2015.

In India, The National Mental Survey 2015-2016 publicized that one in 20 Indians suffers from Depression. But we live in a country where people fail to understand the importance of mental health. We often hear people say it is all “in the head” and here is something you need to know.

  1. Total mental health expenditure person in India is Rs. 4.
  2. Psychiatrists per 1,00,000 people in India : 0.29.
  3. Psychologists per 1,00,000 people in India : 0.07.
  4. The number of public-funded long-stay facilities in India: NIL.
  5. From India’s total health budget, mental health budget allocation <1%.
  6. Mental health outpatient facilities attached to a hospital in India: 952.
  7. Funds spent towards the National Mental Health programme (NMPH) in 2018 = 5 crore (Population of India > 1.3 billion).
  8. Lifetime Prevalence of mental health disorders in India: 9.54% (That’s almost one is Every TEN people).

I would say India is suffering from a syndrome, Log Kya Kahenge. Most of us give up on what we want to do just because we are conscious about everything and especially the way society would react to it. For example, have you ever gone shopping with your mom, wanted to buy a top that has a deep neck and immediately your mom warns you with the so-called framed societal norms. Another example could be, most of your parents would want you to do engineering or doctor simply because these professions are consider to be the noble ones. It’s always the society that decides how to be, what to eat, how to dress and what to speak. With regard to all these expressing your feelings made the society label you with names such as lunatic, freak, madman, psycho etc. But society doesn’t tend to sit back and listen to the worries. These kinds of norms have led to the lack of awareness which has created a disaster in the field of psychology. India’s development in the field of mental health is laid back. While the front-page news gave voice about Sushanth Singh Rajput’s suicide, the entire social media was flooded with messages citing the importance of mental health and being there for each other. Yet the suicide rate is increasing and our country is taking zero measures to prevent this.

If you are feeling lonely and you want to talk to someone, why don’t try for free therapy?

  1. Banjara Academy – Contact:
  2. The Vandrevala foundation – Contact: 1860-266-2345, 1800-233-3330
  3. Sanjivini society for mental health – Contact : 24311918
  4. Project Mumbai’s Counsellors – Contact: 965333071
  5. Cooj Mental Health Foundation – Contact: 09822562522

PS:If you need help, ask for it. After all being weak is not wrong and chuck all the societal norms. If you really want to do something go for it. It’s all about you. You matter and your voice matters.

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