28 Years of Vijayism : Vijay as a villain

There are two films with Vijay as a villain – One is the forgettable ATM and the other one is Priyamudan

Priyamudan – The one Vijay film which I absolutely adore. The one film which makes me yearn for this rarely seen dimension of Vijay again.

The fact that the whole film is centred around one deliberate false note which eventually turns into a maniac obsession. It is very easy to hate Vijay’s Vasanth Kumar impersonation. He switches personalities quite effortlessly. One moment he’s that adorable lover but before you blink he turns into a maniac who would go to any extremes to safeguard his false note.

As the story moves forward he gives us a glimpses of what the eventual conclusion could be. Amidst stories which justifies a lover’s obsession as an act of desperation Priyamudan is a welcome diversion. It does not alter the moral compass one bit. As Vijay makes one desperate move after another the obsession slowly transforms into a death wish.

The final justification where the actor who underplays for most part of the movie decides to go all out to hold on to his loved one is an absolute treat. For one brief moment you sympathize with the man but the film opts for one final dare which deserves a standing ovation.

Kousalya looked absolutely gorgeous in the film. Vijay and Kousalya is an underrated pair. The two of them looked too good together.  The irony is that she went onto play a sister role in Thirumalai.

Deva gave us two evergreen songs in Pooja Va and Bharatiku Kanama. Both sung by SPB. In fact I love the whole album.  There’s that sly reference to Rajini in White Lagan as well.

Priyamudan will always be among my Top 3 Vijay films. The film that truly raised the bar for Vijay as an actor. Priyamudan is the perfect anti-tode to the Vijay formula. Today the film feels like a darker version of Minnale with a rightful conclusion.

Sigh! How I wish there was a time machine to re-visit the Vijay I adored.

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