Concussion Substitute -Reason Behind the Langer’s Anger

In the midway of Aus-Ind T20 first match, Jadeja had an injury in the hamstring in the same way, he was hit by the ball in Helmet which was bowled by Mitchel Starc in Final over. There is rule from 2019 ,that ICC Introduced Concussion Substitute for the Player in ODI/Test if any player had hitten by ball in head , the particular player can have the like-to-like replacement for the concussed player. 


 In July 2019, the International Cricket Council (ICC) agreed to allow the use of concussion replacements in all international cricket matches from 1 August 2019, with substitute having to be a “like-for-like replacement” and approved by the Match Referee.

In this Match , Referee approved the Concussion problem of Jadeja and Chahal was replaced in the second Innings.Because of Chahal’s spell India won the match .

Reason behind Langer’s Anger?

They were had a heated argument regarding Jadeja’s status of Injury, stating that he was suffering from hamstring injury in the first Innings, also Indian Team physio didn’t approach Ravindra jadeja after the concussion happened to the player. They checked him in the middle of Innings only after the Hamstring Injury.Also , Chahal is not the right like to replace Jadeja in terms of Bowling Four overs.Hence, Chahal proved in the same way by winning man of the match in the First T20 match against Australia and India won the match by 10 Runs.

Is India’s Approach Right or NOT?

According to the ICC Rules, If any player had concussion he can be replaced by like-to -like player. But Ravindra Jadeja has been monitored only after the First Innings, it belongs to later Concussion which will not happen suddenly once the ball Hit the Helmet. So ,Indian Team Physio conducted him under Concussion during the Innings break , so replaced Chahal since there is no spinner in the bench India and used this rule in right manner but it was debatable in the future.Comment your opinion on this rule.

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