Life Of a 90’s Kid

Sometimes I wish we had stayed back in the 90’s and the early 2000’s itself when it comes to TV and Cinema. We had limited choices yet it was a lot more fun. We had progressive serials like Shanti and absolute riots like Shriman Shrimathi. In Tamil we had Ramani vs Ramani and Marma Desam and so much more. Waiting for that Elusive Oliyum Oliyum. A week-long wait for that one day. Superhit Muquabala and Chitrahar where we were introduced to Madhuri’s EK Do Teen and Amithabh’s chumma chumma De de

That one Tamil Film on Sunday gave us so much joy. And Saturday’s with Hindi films on DD. That one classic Bollywood film which we could never watch in theatre.  Sun Tv’s humble beginnings with Jodi Porutham, Arattai Arangam,and Pepsi Ungal choice. Waiting with anticipation to see what the Ungal choice song of the week was. Arratai Arrangam was something. The one true debate show which stood the test of time. Not to forget Top Ten Movies and Neengal Keta Padal.

We had our own Desi Superhero Shaktiman. I still miss the Shaktiman Parle G Stickers. That was the only time Parle G was actually relevant. We gobbled up Small Wonder and Friends with so much enthusiasm. News wasn’t bombarded on us like today. We could grasp the information that DD gave us.

More importantly, good films ran for atleast 175 days in theatre. We could afford to wait for the ticket prices to fall. We could celebrate a film with our favorite hero, watch it and just enjoy without too many arguments regarding technicalities or too much analysis. There was class. We could enjoy the tenderness and dignity in Shah Rukh’s romantic avatars while Vijay was busy experimenting with various facets of love. Rajini’s films were festivals and Ajith was actually an actor back then. Even Video games were not too complex. We could play Mario and those simple video games for hours and hours.

VCR’s were the in thing and there was so much pleasure in listening to audio cassettes. We would always check on which side our favorite song was and play it again and again without a care about the whole damn world. Sometimes I wish I had just stayed back in the 90’s or even invent a time machine and go back. The world was simpler with lovely choices which gave us so much pleasure.

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