Happy Birthday Superstar Rajinikanth : The journey of villain Rajini from Parattai to Chitti

I sometimes wonder if we had unknowingly let go of one of the greatest Tamil Cinema Villain of all time by making him a Superstar. He was one of the most unapologetic and remorseless villains I have ever seen on screen. He makes you almost root for him with his antics. You know he is the bad guy but he lures you in every single time he becomes the evil man. 

Even though the early impressions of paratai and Ramanathan were fabulous my eternal favourite has to be the one role he played after he became a hero – Chakravarthy from Netrikan – he is delightfully charming as the evergreen playboy. In this one too he is unapologetic until the very end where a forced apology note is handed out to appease our conservative audience. That he is pitted against Sarita and himself makes it even more enticing. The son is almost non-existent until that pivotal confrontation scene. Moondru Mudichu is another non-conventional film where the anti-hero of the first half gets a taste of his own medicine when he is cornered by the unforeseen turn of events. Mana vinaigal yarudono still makes me shiver in fear.  Perhaps we have lured him into the safe template by letting go of the bad guy. Is it a boon or a bane?  Frankly, I don’t have answers. 

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