Two big boss evictions this week : The first evicted contestant is?

This week we will have two eliminations because of a controversy in the house. It all started when Aranthangi Nisha asked Archana to speak about her Dad which led to a high surge of emotions. Archana was cornered but she did not make a big deal out of it and forgave Nisha. There was also the now famous ” Appa Sorry Pa” which eventually became a template. This edition’s big boss has been very uninspiring to the say the least. Even Sanam got evicted despite being a strong contestant and there is no one like Vanitha to create drama in the house. 

As we said earlier there will be two evictions this week and the first eviction is Arandhangi Nisha who seemed like one of those naïve souls until she played with Archana’s emotions. Though all seemed well I guess bringing up a personal story to trigger a person is just not right. So she will be eliminated today which leaves us with the big question. Who is the next elimination? Will it be Archana or Jithan Ramesh? Or will it be someone else? Keep reading this space. We will tell you. In the coming weeks there will be more elimination as time is running out to pick a winner. 

Arandhangi Nisha
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