8 Interesting facts about Cook with Comali Shivangi

Shivangi has captured the hearts of people with her innocence. She is loved by one and all and she keeps us in good spirits all the time. It is difficult to be a comali and allow yourself to be made fun of but Shivangi does that with ease and her numerous attempts to woo Ashwin is all so cute. Without Shivangi Cook with Comali would not have been such a massive success. Now let’s look at 8 interesting facts about our beloved Shivangi. 

1. Shivangi was born on January 1st 2002. 

2. Her Dad Krishnakumar is a playback singer. He is a Padmashree Award winner and has a PHD in singing. 

3. Her Mom Binny Krishna Kumar sang the famous Ra Ra song from the movie Chandramukhi and is a famous music teacher. 

4. Shivangi’s brother’s name is Ram kumar.

5. She is pursuing her second year B.Com in MOP Vaishnav. 

6. Though she is a Malayalee she was brought up in Chennai. 

7. She was one of the participants in Vijay TV’s super singer program. 

8. She wants to play sister to both Vijay and Ajith in films. Though she is not interested in acting this is something she wants to do. 

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