10 facts about Cook with Comali fame VJ Manimegalai

One of the main success stories of Cook With Comali is VJ Manimegalai. Though we already know her as an anchor this has shown us a new side of Manimegalai. She’s hilarious on the show and constantly makes us laugh. Her combo with Deepa Akka is absolutely adorable. 

Let’s look at 10 facts about Manimegalai. 

1. She was born on May 7th 1990. 

2. It was her friends in college who first encouraged to become a VJ. 

3. Her first stint as a VJ was for Sun Music in the year 2010 for the show “Superhit Songs”.

4. She anchored most of Sun TV’s prime time shows as a VJ and even did celebrity interviews. 

5. She first noticed her husband Hussain in a song from Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva where he danced with Lawrence master and then she called to praise Hussain for his dance moves. 

6. It was Manimegalai who proposed to Hussain. 

7. She participated with her husband in the Mr and Mrs Chinnathirai Tv show. 

8. She is also an anchor in KPY season 2. 

9. She is also a part of Bharati Kannama serial. 

10. Her marriage was known to the public only after the photos became viral. 

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